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Rembrandt Polymer
Kemiko Rembrandt Polymer Stain is a unique eco-friendly (ultra low VOC) polymer that is an easy to use alternative to Kemiko Stone Tone Acid Stain. With the finest available pigments for color and UV stability, Rembrandt Stain is suitable for interior and exterior projects. The palette includes 6 base and 12 standard colors offering an array of designer stains. Whether a rich earth tone or a vibrant bold effect is desired Rembrandt Polymer Stains will achieve options for every design concept.

Is Rembrandt Polymer Stain perfect for your next decorative concrete project?

  • A slab that has been acid washed or is not suitable for the chemical reaction required to achieve the Kemiko Acid Stain finish is a perfect candidate for Rembrandt System.

  • Rembrandt Stain will offer a vibrant and unique finish to boring dull grey concrete. It is possible to achieve a wide array of finishes from faux including mottling, aging, or graining to a single uniform bold application.

  • Rembrandt Polymer is ultra low VOC (volatile organic compound), making this a suitable product for green building and those looking to decrease their carbon foot print.

  • Rembrandt is user friendly. The system consists of gallon containers of resin and four small bottles of pigment. Just mix contents and apply! One coat dries to the touch within hours; you may then apply a clear finish after 2-3 hours.

Rembrandt, backed by over 20 years experience supplying the finest quality concrete stains, waxes, and sealers, is a perfect addition to the Kemiko Product Line.

Contact our office for pricing on Rembrandt Polymer Stains as well as any questions you may have. We look forward to speaking with you about the Kemiko product line.

Rembrandt Data Sheet (37K .doc)

Rembrandt Palette (40K .doc)